Bordier UK strategies now Defaqto Risk Rated

In addition to our Defaqto 5 Star Ratings, we are delighted that our Platform Managed Portfolio Service (‘PMPS’) and Hybrid Passive Managed Service strategies are now Risk Rated by Defaqto.

What does it mean to be Risk Rated by Defaqto?

  • Independent and robust risk mapping – enables you to identify and select suitable investment strategies.
  • Better client outcomes – ensures the chosen strategy is aligned to your client’s agreed level of risk.
  • Supporting compliance – contributes significantly to your recommendation process and aids the delivery of compliant advice.

Defaqto Risk Ratings for our PMPS and Hybrid Passive Managed Service strategies:

We are excited to widen our presence in the intermediary market with our ongoing commitment to broadening our investment proposition.

For further information on how to access our PMPS or Hybrid Passive Managed Service please speak to your professional adviser or ask them to contact our sales team on +44 (0) 20 7667 6600 or email [email protected].

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